Readings and Therapy

Readings and Therapy

Working with me can happen in three ways: 1. Psychic Readings  2. Psychic Consultations and 3. Positive Change Sessions.

Psychic Readings and Psychic Consultations

Psychic Readings and Psychic Consultations can help you by revealing:

Where you are now,  What is coming up, Probable outcomes  You now, Your life, Relationships,  Working & home situations, Health, Business, Finances and more.

Paul’s Psychic readings are unique, clear, insightful, which can offer you a present time evaluation and information about most likely probable outcomes as it is seen at that moment. He provides useful guidance that is direct, honest, and real to genuinely help You make the best decisions for your life now. You are welcome to ask any questions.

Psychic Consultations allow for a more in-depth topic-specific view to suit your needs that includes a Psychic Reading and Targeted EFT Tapping where appropriate. They are also very beneficial after a Positive Change Session to help you gain clarity, perspectives, and options for your unfolding new life.
Ultimately, your choices, decisions, and course of action are up to you. But the insights provided in these private Psychic Consultations have helped many people be on guard for issues and challenges coming out of left-field. Which is especially useful when dealing with business partners or family members. As they say, “Where there is a Will, there is a relative”. 

Clients have benefited from: 

Relationship advice whether single, partnered or in confusing scenarios.

Best courses of action for work and career, family and domestic matters.
For one gentleman, Paul’s readings guided him through the selling of his multi-million dollar businesses over a period of 18 months.
Another client was selling an investment property to reposition their funds to buy a business on the Coast for their retirement.
And more.


Feel Great Now with a Positive Change Session

Positive Change Sessions can help restore:

Peace of Mind Clarity Trust Levels Self Love Self Worth Courage Direction Determination Ability to Speak Up Optimism Empowerment And more 

A Positive Change Session includes a Psychic reading and Paul Boulton’s own version of EFT called Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping, which quickly helps reduce the stress, anxiety and frustration you may be feeling in your life now.
It is an effective, private and confidential process, which can take approximately 2.5 hours, to Spring clean your mind and bring you to a better place within yourself.

Positive Change Sessions can be aimed at your specific issues or a combination of these examples:

Relationship stress

Sexual violation
Adjustment stress
Death of a loved one
Change of job

We all perceive, process and communicate in our own unique way, our version of ‘normal’.
The layers of our mind stores everything that we have experienced and felt. At any age a stressful or traumatic situation, whether it happened to us, a family member, or we witnessed, felt, or heard about it, can register in our mind for our whole life. For example, you may have been a babe in arms, or even in the womb, and reacted to the stress and fears your mother was exposed to.
Our mind perceives our life from the beliefs, fears and experiences it considers to be ‘true’ for us. Some of these issues can ongoingly drain our emotional, mental and physical energy.
The impact of this can have us feeling confused, stuck, overwhelmed, and depressed, with no obvious reason as to why this is happening now. Even if a person, for example, is happily married with a family and achieving well in their life.
In my opinion, the quality of your life depends on being able to establish and maintain a healthy mental and emotional balance.
Positive Change sessions were created to help you prioritise your health and emotional wellbeing, and enhance your ability to feel joy, excitement, love and success in your life now.
In most cases, clients report beneficial changes during and after their first Positive Change session. 
Can you see the benefits a Positive Change session can provide you? 


Introducing Targeted EFT

Targeted EFT Tapping Demo

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