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Tapping eBooks and Kits

On this page you will find a growing selection of Tapping books and Tapping Kits (coming soon) written by Paul Boulton. 
The eBooks represent a small portion of the topics a  Positive Change session can help you with.  Each eBook includes 20 Targeted EFT statements for you to use with a written guide and video demonstrations to follow.

Coming soon is “The Tapping Kit for School Kids: Helping Kids Recovery from Stress, Anxiety and Bullying.” Read more about that below.

And additional Targeted EFT eBooks from Paul on specific topics such as Depression, Better Relating and more to assist people to live, love and prosper in their life now.


Coming Soon

A new exciting guided resource for Teachers, Parents and Carers.

The Inspiration For Creating The Tapping Kit

The “Tapping Kit for School Kids” has been created by me, Paul Boulton, a Sunshine Coast-based therapist. 

I have been helping people recover from stress, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues etc for almost 20 years and to date, I have worked with over 2500 people.

During this time I became very aware of the need for people to have an easy-to-use, version of the Tapping therapy I use specifically to help children and teenagers cope better and develop healthier relating skills for their life.

This Kit has been my passion project and has been written over the last three years.

It is currently in the final stages of editing, with an eBook excerpt available soon.

“The Tapping Kit for School Kids” is a new exciting guided resource for Teachers, Parents and Carers. It provides the materials and instructions necessary for people to confidently help a stressed, anxious, upset child or group of children.

There are many important benefits for using “The Tapping Kit for School Kids”, which is based upon Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping, my therapy version of EFT.

It allows and empowers the Teachers, Parents and Carers to present an effective, easy-to-use process to guide and help children recover from stress, anxiety, bullying etc.

Just one Tapping Kit in a school has the potential to help hundreds of children feel better about themselves after a stressful or hurtful experience, feel safe to interact with others and stay open to learning.

The Kit includes two age-appropriate Tapping Card packs, the Child Pack ( 32 cards ) for children aged between 5 to 10 years of age. And the Teenage Card Pack ( 50 cards ) for children aged 10 to 20 years of age.

Each card pack has been specifically designed and is colour coordinated to be used in conjunction with the examples provided in the Resource Book.

The Resource Book is approximately 160 pages and provides information relating to aspects of the challenges that some children experience with their families, schools and life situations. The Resource Book also includes a brief history of the Tapping process as well as examples and details about using the Kit.

Uniquely the Kit is scalable and designed for the presenter to conduct the Tapping process and meet the needs of a single child, a few children, a group, a classroom or a school assembly of children by using the same process when the situation requires.

This presents a new helpful, effective option for a school or family when a shocking, stressful situation happens that impacts a child or students. It may be a sudden illness or the passing of a child, family member or prominent person. It might be a car or bus accident, or when some other tragic event shocks the class, school as a whole and the community.

In a home situation, the Kit empowers the parents to assist their child with any issue that has troubled them. Whether the child is upset about an argument or fight they were in, or names they were called or things that were said about them, or any bullying they may have experienced at the bus stop, online or wherever.

Using the Kit as soon as the issues become known, allows the parent to help tap and guide the issues and topics through the child’s mind quickly and can provide the mental and emotional fortification for the child to feel safer, calmer, and better supported with their coping ability and life skills.

The parent can also help the child’s mind to be more settled and retentive prior to an exam, public speaking or performing on stage or at a sporting event.

Additionally, the Kit can be used by people of all ages to help themselves move on from old hurtful topics and issues that they too may have experienced back in their own childhood years.

“The Tapping Kit for School Kids” helps the presenter and the receiver to develop, enhance and improve their own emotional wellbeing. There are benefits for all people who use the Kit.

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